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Dimension SST1200es 3D  Printer Consumables

Model Material

340-21200    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Ivory (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21201    P430 ABSplus Cartridge White (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21202    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Black (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21203    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Dark Gray (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21204    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Red (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21205    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Blue (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21206    P430 ABSplus Cartridge Nectarine (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21207   P430 ABSplus Cartridge Fluorescent Yellow (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21208   P430 ABSplus Cartridge Olive Green (56.3 ci/923 cc)

340-21209   P430 ABSplus Cartridge Custom Color (56.3 ci/923 cc)

Support Material

340-30200    P400-SR Soluble Support Material Cartridge (56.3 ci/923 cc)  

Modeling Bases

 340-00300    Plastic Modeling Bases 254x254mm/10x10in (case of 24)

Support Removal

300-00600    P400-SC Soluble Concentrate (case of 12)

300-00103    Ecoworks Cleaning Agent (case of 24)


540-00200    BST 1200es/SST 1200es Tip Wipe Assembly

540-10500    SST 1200es Tip Replacement Kit (Version 7.x Build 2000 and lower)

540-10600    SST 1200es Tip Replacement Kit (Version 7.x Build 3000 and higher)

Support Removal Equipment

570-10006    SCA 1200HT Support Cleaning Apparatus

10”x10”x12” parts basket capacity

One Year Warranty

UL, CSA, CE Approved

100-240VAC/50/60Hz; 15A