Introducing Mojo, the compact 3D printer from Stratasys. Mojo brings your ideas to life on your desktop, delivering detailed, professional quality plastic models. .Mojo produces quality models and prototypes in ABS plastic that are both robust and true to your original design.  Mojo uses soluble support material and a heated build chamber to ensure quality models time after time, Mojo is a professional 3D printer yet still gets a fast return on investment thanks to its low price and operating cost and enables you to experience 3D printing as it should be. Now you can reap the time-to-market benefits of 3D printing while keeping control of your valuable design ideas in house.


Build Volume::         127 x 127 x 127 mm

Layer Thickness:     0.178 mm

Model material::      ABSplus in 9 colours

Support Material:    Soluble support

Mojo 3D printer

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