Functional Prototypes

Create functional prototypes to prove out the design detail before commiting to the final product. Check for interferences, manipulate mechanisms, optimise and orrect errors. Make improvements early in the design process when it costs least and the design is still flexible and do it all in house without compromising your intellectual property..

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology.

For functional prototypes in production grade thermoplastics such as ABS and PC, and for high performance prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress.   Build tough prototypes and custom test fixtures to help you take functional testing to a new level for superior performance and confidence.

Polyjet Technology

For realistic prototypes with the look and feel of the finished product, including soft touch parts and clear components. Print multiple materials in one automated build so you can test with unsurpassed realism and experiment with greater freedom

Functional Prototypes

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