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FDM 3D Printers


Uprint SE

Uprint SE Plus

Dimension Elite

Dimension BST 1200es

Dimension SST 1200es

Polyjet 3D Printers

Objet 24

Objet 30

Objet 30 Pro

Objet 30 Prime

Objet 260VS

Connex 1, Connex 2, Connex 3

3D Printing Materials

FDM materials

Polyjet Materials

Digital Materials

Fortus 3D Production Systems

250mc, 380mc, 450mc, 900mc


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Fortus 250mc

Entry level 3D Production System prints in 9 colours of ABS.

Fortus 250mc

Fortus 3D Production Systems

Fortus 380mc Fortus 450mc Fortus 900mc

Fortus 380mc

3D Production System with larger build chamber and choice of up to 12 thermoplastic build materials

Fortus 450mc

3D Production System with a larger build chamber and choice of up to 14 thermoplastic build materials

Fortus 900mc

3D Production System for the largest parts and largest choice of materials