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Case studies



Case Studies


Paul Davis and Partners Dimension 3D Printer Helps Build Success at London based Paul Davis + Partners Architects Read more


Formula One veteran Gordon Murray’s automotive design firm Gordon Murray Design invested in a Fortus 3D Printer to help design more affordable and ecological cars and boost its radical redesign of the traditional manufacturing process  Read more

Commercial products

Baldor is now using the Dimension 3D Printer to test form, fit and function for a variety of design applications including mounting brackets for motors, stationary switches for motors, conduit boxes, fans and breaks.  Read more

Consumer goods

Black and Decker The company chose the Dimension 3D Printer from Stratasys which prints tough, durable, high-quality ABS models. Having the machine in-house has completely changed product development cycles by making the process shorter and more efficient. Read more

Commercial Products

Thogus Products FDM touches every aspect of business at Thogus. “We can take 3D geometry and print an end of arm tool that weighs 70 – 90% less. And we can do it in less than 24 hours.” Read more

Commercial Products

RedDOT — ULTEM 9085 Prototyping RedDOT designs and builds mobile heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and components for on- and off-highway vehicles including commercial trucks and vehicles used in construction, agriculture, military and other demanding applications. Read more


NASA Mars Rover For its 3D-printed parts, NASA uses ABS, PCABS and polycarbonate materials. FDM, patented by Stratasys, is the only 3D-printing method that supports production-grade thermoplastics, which are lightweight but durable enough for rugged end-use parts Read more


Nemours 3D Printed "Exoskeleton" Lets a Little Girl Lift Her Arms and Play. Read more