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Type: Thermoplastic

Compatible printers: Fortus 380mc, Fortus 450mc Fortus 900mc

UV-Stable Prototyping

ASA is a production-grade thermoplastic that works beautifully with FDM Technology. Soon to be vailable in 10 fade-resistant colours, ASA combines mechanical strength and UV stability with the best part aesthetics FDM technology has to offer.

ASA enables yo to build enduring prototypes to test fit, form and function or produce practical production parts for outdoor use. From electrical housings and brackets to automotive prototypes and sporting goods, ASA will give your designs a place in the sun.

ASA will shortly be available in a range of colours including ivory, red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, white, dark gray, light gray,  and black. ASA works with soluble support materials for automated support removal .